I had the pleasure of presenting to the Pittsburgh community today at Code Camp 2010.1. My talk was on extending Visual Studio for the community, packaging your extension (using VSIX), deploying that extension to the Visual Studio Code Gallery, and discovering that community content from within Visual Studio.

The talk went well—very interactive. Thanks to all those that participated! We did all of the following:

  1. Installed the Visual Studio 2010 SDK (http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio, bottom left)
  2. Wrote code: we wrote an MEF extension to the code editor for counting lines of code (including comments and whitespace). See below for a link to this sample code.
  3. Packaged the code: created a VSIX project to include the extension. See below for a link to this project too.
  4. Deployed to the Code Gallery: Created a page and deployed the VSIX project to the Visual Studio 2010 Code Gallery to make it discoverable to Visual Studio. See below for a link.
  5. Discovered the extension: used the Visual Studio Extension Manager (Tools | Extension Manager) to find and install the extension from the code gallery. See Image below:


Visual Studio Extension Manager

Key Downloads / Links for this Example: